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Coglink Email Coglink Email

Our most widely used tool is the Coglink Email System. There are many features that can be added or removed depending on a specific user profile, e.g., special spell-check dictionaries and word-prediction tools.

iShare iShare

iShare is a supported email and blog application that inspires youth with cognitive and learning challenges to interact using written social communication. iShare provides social and procedural prompts and message templates that help students create socially meaningful email messages. Optional features such as spellcheck, word completion and screen reading enhance the writing process.

PACK Drive PACK Drive

PACK is a portable computing tool that includes a user-friendly desktop and four accessible programs on an easy to launch Flash drive. PACK makes computer use fun and accessible for people with cognitive impairments.

TAP Assistance Program TAP Assistance Program

TAP: TV Assistance Program uses the TREK Reminder System to deliver speech therapy prompts through the television.

TechMatch Tool TechMatch Tool

TechMatch is a tool for clinicians and care providers. It matches people with cognitive impairments with the right computer technologies. Use our assessment tool to learn more!


Why you'll love our products
Since 2005 Personal Technologies has been developing and providing assistive products to people with cognitive disabilities. Founded by Computer Science and Communication Diseases and Disorders professors from the University of Oregon, Personal Technologies (formerly Life Technologies) is able to use their expertise to provide unique and useful products for people with cognitive disabilities. Our products are perfect for:

1. People who dislike the complexity of other email programs such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook.

2. People who dislike the complexity of modern operating systems such as Windows/Vista and the Mac OS.

3. People who need to take their computing environment with them as they travel, e.g., to the library to use a public computer.
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