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How do I install APT-3?

The APT-3 software and all required media are contained on the USB flash drive, and it is designed to run from the USB drive. There is no need to install software. This allows the USB drive to be used with any computer you wish to plug it into. Conversely, attempting to copy the program off the USB drive and onto a computer may cause the program not to function properly. See the manual for directions on how to start, exit and eject the program.
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I get a Java error - what is the problem?

If you receive a Java error or warning, and the APT-3 software does not run, it is possible that your computer's version of Java is not compatible with APT-3. To solve this problem, we recommend downloading the newest version of Java onto your Windows computer from: www.java.com. If you are running from a Mac, Apple Computer supplies their own version of Java. Use the Software Update feature (available on the Apple menu) to check that you have the most up-to-date version of Java for your Mac.
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Why do I have to explicitly eject the drive? It's a pain to remember.

When you exit the program, clean-up needs to occur. Part of clean-up is making sure the data files on the USB drive are up-to-date. If you pull the drive out while this clean-up process is happening, data corruption is a real possibility. When you explicitly eject the drive, the Mac/Windows operating system will make sure clean-up is finished, and then tell you it is ok to pull the drive out.
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How can my clients work on exercises at home?

Home practice for the verbal self-paced working memory tasks may be encouraged by printing stimuli for the tasks, and having a careprovider deliver the stimuli orally. Alternatively, a clinic may have two APT-3 drives, and use one as a homework drive or a practice drive in an extra computer station where clients can come practice. Note that a dedicated homework drive, which will allow clinicians to upload a client's specific APT-3 home exercises, is under development. All purchasers of APT-3 will receive notice when it becomes available.
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Why can't I use the web to run APT-3?

A web version will require a different model of data management. We will take on the task of storing client data on a web server, whereas you now manage data locally on your USB drive. We expect some therapists will continue to prefer the (local) USB model, while others will be interested in moving to a web-version. Our goal is to have both to choose from. We will put out an announcement through email when a web-version is available.
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One of my clients has a smart-phone. Can I assign homework to run on his phone?

What is lacking is a rigorous study that focuses on the efficacy of using a mobile device to deliver APT exercises. The technology to make it happen is straightforward: we have used smart-phones in other domains to good effect. Whether it is of use as a platform for APT-3 homework is the open question. We are considering a study that looks at the promise and pitfalls of carrying out APT-3 exercises in a mobile context. Results of that study will determine the appropriateness of adding a smart-phone as another homework option.
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