What real users have to say about Coglink

"I was always overwhelmed or frightened by the computer before. But this is so easy. I'm not afraid to push a button, that the whole thing's gonna blow up on me or something." ~ Steve, 49 years

"I felt strange, computer illiterate. There's something wrong with me, that I can't do it. Now I feel it has improved my self-esteem." ~ Cathy, 36 years

"Your Package is an amazing transition for me to be able to communicate. I had begun to just back off communicating with personal and professional networking. Your Coglink program has brought back my coglink buddies, and almost immediately helped to reconnect with my colleagues, friends and family that has enabled me to enjoy their life space." ~ John, 70 years

"I feel very much closer to my email partners, not only to them, but to the general public in a way." ~ John, 62 years

"Thank you very much for this opportunity for the last few years of exploration, through the CogLink project. It has and still does help the return of an ability to speak, and use a dictionary. Aphasia can be difficult, and can also be a way of finding new paths through E-Mail." ~ Sarah, 33 years

"I just love it! I absolutely love it!" ~ Maria, 29 years

"It is a lot of fun and is working well for me. I would recommend it to anyone." ~ Bill, 66 years

What email partners have to say about Coglink

"We discuss his children and his life as a teacher and he feels connected. It is re-establishing a long-term relationship." ~ Friend

"It makes her feel wanted." ~ Support Group Member

"It gives him something to do. His thinking and physical processes are stimulated and it helps him keep up with family events." ~ Mother

"I feel I can finally communicate with my niece more frequently and I think this is a positive method of communication and outlet for her. She enjoys writing and receiving email. Email, I feel, is a wonder for her." ~ Aunt

"She has the opportunity to feel supported at any time and she can ask for help and advice without much effort. Emailing helps us maintain our relationship too, which is nice for both of us." ~ Friend

"My client is very excited with his new skills and the chance to respond in a safe environment. It allows communication to fit our current schedules." ~ Resident Care Staff