Jason is a young man who is seeing a clinician, Lisa, as part of his cognitive rehabilitation program for TBI. Lisa chose to use the TechMatch site to evaluate Jason's ability to use a computer to email her with his progress (or concerns). Through a survey process administered by TechMatch, Lisa recorded that Jason moves from an apartment he uses during weekdays to his family home on weekends. He also sees Lisa weekly in her office. All of these locations have a computer he can use. She also noted that he has difficulty with commercial email products and in navigating the Windows desktop.
The TechMatch site recommended that Jason try CogLink on a PACK drive as the communication medium. This has proven successful. Jason can use the PACK drive on all the computers he accesses during the week. And the auto-launch feature allows him to avoid dealing with the Windows operating system. He has become highly proficient in the use of email with CogLink.