"Ms. Davies" iShare Classroom

The story of a special education classroom
"Ms Davies" is a special educator who teaches 11 middle school students with developmental disabilities and specific learning disabilities in a resource room setting. Ms Davies’ students had been unsuccessful in their attempts to use email and other social networking tools because of literacy and pragmatic communication challenges.
Our solution was to introduce iShare to Ms. Davies' classroom. We gave each of Ms. Davies’ students a USB drive that hung on a lanyard and contained iShare individualized for the students. All of the students learned to use iShare and independently initiated exchanging emails with classroom peers and teachers. The most notable finding was the unanticipated high number of emails that were sent over the 12-week observation period. Students sent 1,323 emails! Ms. Davies reported that email was a highly motivating modality to work on writing and social communication skills. She reported that iShare helped to improve spelling and grammar. The students liked email because it helped them make friends with other students in their class.
Ms. Davies’ comments illustrate why iShare was so helpful: