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Product Overview

TechMatch is a free resource for clinicians, care providers, and educators. It matches clients and students who have cognitive impairments with computer technologies most likely to meet their needs. TechMatch includes a comprehensive assessment questionnaire that makes it easy to find the right computer technology. It produces a printable pdf report that summarizes the findings and offers clear and straight forward advice about the strengths and weaknesses of each potential technology. Get started with TechMatch.

TechMatch Availability
Free and available now! Visit TechMatch website to begin.


TechMatch Features


  • TechMatch assesses six critical user and environment domains that impact successful computer use for persons with cognitive impairments.
  • TechMatch clearly summarizes the unique advantages and disadvantages of each computer technology for your client.
  • The TechMatch report provides you with simple fact sheets for each computer technology that assist individuals and families in making good decisions.

  • TechMatch catalogs successful and problematic past technology use.
  • Techmatch describes the user's physical abilities and partner supports that impact successful computer use.
  • TechMatch reveals subtle motor and sensory problems that can impact computer use if not addressed.
  • TechMatch helps identify computer technology that matches your clients memory, attention, concentration, and new learning skills .
  • TechMatch assesses subtle factors that can impact computer use, including your client's motivation, tolerance for new experiences, and flexibility.

Why should TechMatch be TRUSTED?
  • TechMatch gives you unbiased information.
  • TechMatch was designed by experts in cognitive rehabilitation and computer sciences.
  • TechMatch has been validated by more than 20 lead therapists in cognitive rehabilitation hospitals. Click here to download additional information on our validation process and review selected references.
Download Validity and References (132KB PDF)

Project Support

This project is supported by a National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research SBIR grant, Why Go It Alone?: The Use of Public Resources to Enhance Computer Accessibility for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities, grant number H133S070096.


Watch a quick Tech Match demo:


System Requirements

TechMatch is accessed through the Internet.

It can be used on any PC or Mac computer that has an Internet browser.



At Personal Technologies, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service and technical support. The TechMatch HelpDesk staff members are trained to provide personalized phone support to make your TechMatch experience as simple and as successful as possible. If you want to change a setting (e.g., change print size or background colors), add a new Internet link or email partner, or need help with troubleshooting, just email or call our HelpDesk at 1-800-716-9695.

Phone: 1-800-716-9695 (9am-5pm PST)
Email: support@personaltechnologies.com



Jason is a young man who is seeing a clinician, Lisa, as part of his cognitive rehabilitation program for TBI. Lisa chose to use the TechMatch site to evaluate Jason's ability to use a computer to email her with his progress (or concerns). Through a survey process administered by TechMatch, Lisa recorded that Jason moves from an apartment he uses during weekdays to his family home on weekends. He also sees Lisa weekly in her office. All of these locations have a computer he can use. She also noted that he has difficulty with commercial email products and in navigating the Windows desktop.
The TechMatch site recommended that Jason try CogLink on a PACK drive as the communication medium. This has proven successful. Jason can use the PACK drive on all the computers he accesses during the week. And the auto-launch feature allows him to avoid dealing with the Windows operating system. He has become highly proficient in the use of email with CogLink.


What clinicians have to say about TechMatch
"This particular client has not emotionally been open to having an external aid, but this helped explore options that are more discrete that she may be open to… The website was easy to navigate…I especially liked the descriptions of the various technologies…that could be helpful in facilitating conversations between clinicans and clients as well as educating both clinicians and clients about all the potential options."

"It gives the clinician something tangible to support his/her in educating a client and family."

"It was thorough but not overwhelming. It also helped look at the different facets of the client while also specifically examining his cognitive profile."

"It was interesting and efficient...... very cool!!!"

"It wasn't just a straight yes/no option. The clinician could see where the client may run into problems."

"It was easy to navigate…"


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